Evan Jones

I'm a comedian is San Diego, CA. One day I might make this thing relevant to what I do. In the meantime, enjoy some random shit.



I wanted to give Bob’s Fans an opportunity to take home some of my artwork and prints that i had done over the years on Bob’s Burgers. Here is your chance!!

                                   RULES OF CONTEST!! 

In order to be automatically entered into this contest, you MUST FOLLOW my blog as well as REBLOG this post. If both of those items aren’t collected when i do the final random drawing for the top three winners, then you will not be entered into the contest. 

Winners will be drawn and announced on SEPT 26TH 2014!!

Once i have picked the three winners, i will contact them via tumblr to finalize the prizes.


for more art go to www.dvoart.com


I’m not saying you’re an asshole, Luke. I’m just saying you seem like the kind of guy who sees a joke Facebook status and instead of just “liking” it, you comment on the status with your own shitty tag for the joke. Luke, you’re an assistant manager at Aeropostale. Stay out of show business.